November, 2019


 Article Name Date  Newspaper  URL
Letter to Editor: PM’s scholarships November 10, 2019 Dawn
PNCC’s maiden meeting held November 09, 2019 Business Recorder
Mapping of nutrition stakeholders on the cards November 09, 2019 The News International
Ehsaas Program: PASSD to facilitate 4.2 million orphans November 09, 2019 The News International
PM launches ambitious scholarship scheme for talented youth November 05, 2019 Dawn
Ration programme for the poor on the cards November 05, 2019 The News International
PM launches largest ever scholarship programme November 05, 2019 Daily Times
Sania briefs WB delegation on contribution of poverty eradication programme ‘Ehsaas’ November 02, 2019 Pakistan Observer
WB president visits BISP HQs November 02, 2019 Business Recorder
PPAF organizes 3rd Int’l Conference on Research and Learning November 01, 2019 Pakistan Observer


October, 2019


 Article Name Date  Newspaper  URL
Poverty graduation programme to help poor become self-reliant October 31, 2019 Dawn
Innovative improve solutions help improve poor people’s socio-economic standards: experts October 31, 2019 Business Recorder
PPAF organized international moot on research and learning October 31, 2019 Daily Times
HEC, BISP to sponsor 50,000 undergraduate scholarships October 27, 2019 The Nation
Ehsaas to promote human capital development October 27, 2019 The News International
Ehsaas value chain building committee meets October 26, 2019 The News International
Challenges to agriculture sector negatively impacting wellbeing of farmers: EVCBC October 26, 2019 The Nation
Inter-ministerial Nutrition Taskforce under ‘Ehassas’ hailed October 23, 2019 Business Recorder
PASSD to launch undergraduate scholarships project October 23, 2019 The Nation
Senate body discusses USC performance October 22, 2019 Business Recorder
PBM, PPAF to provide interest free loans to 25,000 WEC trained women October 20, 2019 Pakistan Observer
Multidimensional poverty stands at 38.4 percent, says Dr. Sania October 19, 2019 Business Recorder
PBM, PPAF join hands to provide soft loans to Women Empowerment Centres’ trainees October 19, 2019 The Nation
Honorary doctorate for Sania Nishtar October 18, 2019 DAWN
Dr. Sania receives DSc from Kings College October 18, 2019 The News International
King’s College confers honorary doctorate degree on Dr. Sania October 18, 2019 Daily Times
Poverty Eradication in Pakistan October 16, 2019 Daily Times
Logic behind the Langer (Op-ed by Dr. Sania Nishtar) October 15, 2019 The News International
Beggar-turned-entrepreneur honoured at LADIESFUND Awards October 15, 2019 Daily Times
ADB to give Pakistan $200m for social protection October 12, 2019 Dawn
Women’s contributions to various fields acknowledged at award ceremony October 12, 2019 The News International
Ehsaas langar all set to be inaugurated October 07, 2019 The News International
First Ehsaas Langar launched in capital October 07, 2019 The Nation
Govt to launch scholarships scheme for underprivileged October 04, 2019 Dawn
‘Ehsaas’ undergraduate scholarships to be launched this month October 04, 2019 The News International
‘Ehsaas Langar’ to be launched for the needy October 03, 2019 Dawn
‘Ehsaas Langar’ shortly in Islamabad October 03, 2019 The News International
Dr. Sania exhibits Ehsaas at global level October 02, 2019 The News International
Dr. Sania exhibits Ehsaas on the sidelines of UNGA 74th session October 02, 2019 The Nation
Dr. Sania exhibits Ehsaas at global level October 02, 2019 The News International
Dr. Sania exhibits Ehsaas on the sidelines of UNGA 74th session  October 02, 2019 The Nation


September, 2019


 Article Name Date  Newspaper  URL
Doubling Ehsaas? September 30, 2019 Dawn
Ehsaas, sports and SDGs September 29, 2019 The News International
Ehsaas programme to get $200m from Gates Foundation September 27, 2019 Express Tribune
Sufficient Social Capital now exists for ‘Ehsaas’ to take off September 27, 2019 The News International
MoU focusing on poverty alleviation signed with Bill Gates Foundation September 27, 2019 Dawn
Dr Sania supports women in business September 25, 2019 The News International
Building on the Ehsaas debate September 24, 2019 The News International
Found the remedy in Ehsaas September 23, 2019 Dawn
Pakistan is leading the way with its welfare state – the world can learn from its innovation September 19, 2019 The Telegraph
Letter to Editor: Ehsaas programme September 16, 2019 The Nation
Dr Sania wins applause for rallying action on biggest killers September 13, 2019 The News
WHO chief praises Nishtar’s work September 12, 2019 Dawn
WHO DG lauds Dr Sania’s work on NCDs September 12, 2019 Business Recorder
Punjab Cabinet approves law reforms September 12, 2019 The News
Partnership with provinces sought for success of Ehsaas September 02, 2019 Dawn


August, 2019


Article Name Date  Newspaper  URL
President briefed on BISP, Ehsaas programme and initiatives August 29, 2019 Dawn
BISP initiatives fully aligned with agenda for change: Alvi August 29, 2019 Daily Times
Provision of security net to poor people primary responsibility of State: President August 28, 2019 Business Recorder
 Bill Gates offered support for eradicating   polio August 22, 2019 Pak Tribune
 Dr Sania joins strategic leadership retreat   for Ethiopian women ministers August 20, 2019 The News International
 Foundation of good governance, reforms   laid August 19, 2019 Dawn
PM’s aide counts govt’s one-year achievements August 18, 2019 Dawn
PM launches health plan for people with disabilities August 18, 2019 Dawn
‘Ehsaas framework alive to rights of disabled persons’ August 18, 2019 The News International
Government’s Ehsaas Program Will Lift 6m Women Out Of Poverty August 16, 2019 Dawn
Children who are forced to beg or abused should be protected August 14, 2019 Dawn
Govt mulls identity cards for abandoned children: Dr Nishtar August 14, 2019 Express Tribune
Special Assistant to Prime Minister for Social Protection and Poverty Alleviation Dr. Sania Nishtar and Provincial Minister Raja Rashid Hafeez cutting cake on the occasion of Eid ul Azha at Child Protection Bureau. August 13, 2019 APP
Ehsaas communications committee meets


August 11, 2019 The News International
Insaf Insurance Card Ensures 3.3 Mln People For Health Expenditures


August 11, 2019 Urdu Point
Ehsaas Communications body’s maiden meeting held August 10, 2019 Business Recorder
Poverty Alleviation And Social Safety Division To Accelerate Policy Reform Of Public Hospitals


August 09, 2019 Urdu Point


JULY, 2019


Article Name Date  Newspaper URL
Building on the poverty debate July 31, 2019 The News International
BISP and Social Protection July 31, 2019 The News International
Commonwealth conference secession discusses poverty eradication July 31, 2019 The News International
PASSD establishes ‘safety nets for deserving poor’ July 31, 2019 Daily Times
PASSD to accelerate policy reform of public hospitals July 30, 2019 APP
BISP To Facilitate Welfare Program For Education July 28, 2019 Urdu Point
BISP brings over 3.5m children back to school July 26, 2019 The Express Tribune
Ehsaas labour expert group meets for the 8th time July 26, 2019 The News International
Poverty alleviation programme to be completed with 4.126b July 26, 2019 The News International
Strategy to implement Ehsaas programme finalized July 24, 2019 Dawn
Ehsaas Program’s entire agenda on women’s welfare: Dr. Sania Nishtar July 24, 2019 Associated Press of Pakistan
PASSD Ehsaas announced committees for smooth implementation: Nishtar July 23, 2019 Associated Press of Pakistan
Govt to eliminate viral hepatitis through public-private partnership: Dr Sania July 22, 2019 Daily Times
Govt is confident to achieve target of poverty alleviation target: Dr. Sania Nishtar July 21, 2019 The Nation
Dr. Sania, PPAF discuss action plan for poverty reduction under ‘Ehsaas’ programme July 20, 2019 The News International
Fight against poverty gaining pace: Dr. Sania July 20, 2019 Business Recorder
Pakistan poverty alleviation fund providing social safety to poor: Dr. Sania Nishtar July 19, 2019 ARY News
Pakistan firm on reducing poverty by 2023: UN told July 17, 2019 The News International
31-point Ehsaas governance and integrity policy released July 16, 2019 The News International
Special persons’ care is a collective responsibility of state, society: Alvi July 16, 2019 Daily Times
Comprehensive policy under Ehsaas to reach deserving people: Dr. Sania July 15, 2019 Daily Times
Govt has doubled budget for vulnerable segments of society: President Alvi July 15, 2019 ARY News
PASSD rules aim to limit opportunities for corruption July 14, 2019 The Express Tribune
Transparency, accountability key to lifting millions out of poverty: Dr. Sania July 14, 2019 Lead Pakistan
Ehsaas is about the creation of a ‘welfare state,’ Dr. Sania Nishtar July 13, 2019 Business Recorder
President calls corruption major cause of poverty July 11, 2019 The Express Tribune
Ehsaas program wishes to draw on existing knowledge & thought partnership: Dr. Sania July 10, 2019 Associated Press of Pakistan
KP to launch its own ‘Ehsaas’ programme July 9, 2019 Lead Pakistan
KP to launch its own poverty reduction programme July 9, 2019 The Express Tribune
Ehsaas program to provide facilities to vulnerable segments: PM July 9, 2019 Radio Pakistan
80,000 interest free loans to be distributed every month, says PM’s aide July 7, 2019 Dawn


JUNE, 2019


Article Name Date Newspaper URL
Ehsaas programme aims to benefit real deserving people: Sania June 30, 2019 Business recorder
Govt providing facilities to empower PWD’s June 28, 2019 The News International
Dr. Sania teams up with Bill Gates against polio and poverty June 18, 2019 Global Village Space
Bill Gates, Dr. Sania Nishtar discuss key foundations partnerships in Pakistan June 17, 2019 The News International
Sania Nishtar discusses Ehsaas program with Bill Gates in Washington June 17, 2019 Radio Pakistan
Govt will launch Ehsaas program for Gilgit Baltistan this year: Gandapur June 14, 2019 Radio Pakistan
Ehsaas Program: An inspirational and bold move by Imran Khan June 12, 2019 Global Village Space
Social Security budget being doubled, says PM’s aide June 9, 2019 Dawn
New ration card scheme for one million poor on cards: Sania June 9, 2019 The News International
Govt to provide social protection to vulnerable segments of society: Dr. Sania June 8, 2019 Khyber News
Survey planned to update BISP database June 3, 2019 Dawn
Fund for social protection to be doubled in next budget: Sania Nishtar June 3, 2019 Business Recorder


MAY, 2019


Article Name Date Newspaper URL
PM to launch loans scheme for youth in June May 28, 2019 The Express Tribune
PM to launch Ehsaas implementation programme next month May 27, 2019 The Nation
How does poverty alleviation work May 25, 2019 The News International
‘Ehsaas’ programme created: Labour Expert Group to address labour issues May 23, 2019 Business Recorder
36 social welfare projects launched, PM informs meeting May 10, 2019 Dawn
36 projects in eight months shows sense of responsibility May 10, 2019 International The News
Here is all you want to know about PM Imran’s ‘Ehsaas’ program May 3, 2019 International The News


APRIL, 2019


Article Name Date Newspaper URL
BISP set to speedily undertake measures to tackle poverty: Sania April 22, 2019 International The News
‘Ehsaas’ programme to address poverty alleviation April 17, 2019 Pakistan Today
Reducing poverty April 12, 2019 International The News
“Ehsaas” for the poor April 11, 2019 Business recorder
Helping the poor should not require curbing provincial autonomy April 10, 2019 Daily Times
Poverty alleviation April 10, 2019 Dawn
Ehsaas to turn Pakistan into welfare state: PM April 9, 2019 Dawn
All you need to know about Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s poverty alleviation plan April 9, 2019 Gulf News
PM launches Ehsaas programme for poor April 9, 2019 International The News
Ehsaas: show me the money April 8, 2019 Dawn
PMYP, ‘Ehsas’ to collaborate April 8, 2019 International The News
Ehsaas programme – step towards welfare state, aiming to reduce inequality, poverty: PM April 8, 2019 Associated Press of Pakistan
A move to reduce poverty April 4, 2019 Dawn
The launching of Ehsaas April 2, 2019 Business Recorder


MARCH, 2019


Article Name Date Newspaper URL
Ehsaas and BISP March 30, 2019 International The News
‘Ehsaas’: govt’s new poverty alleviation programme gets nod from amnesty international March 28,2 019 Dawn
‘Ehsaas’: PM Khan launches ambitious social safety, poverty alleviation programme March 27, 2019 Dawn
PM launches Rs 8 b poverty alleviation programme ‘Ehsaas’ to protect vulnerable segments March 27, 2019 Associated Press of Pakistan
Govt to set up ministry of poverty alleviation March 13, 2019 The Nation