As I step down from my position as Caretaker Federal Minister of the Government of Pakistan, I am launching a new initiative—one that involves the introduction of Handover Papers with the goal of enhancing the efficiency and efficacy of the process of handing over from one government to another. The papers offer a neutral, objective link to the successor government in order to maximize efficiency and offer support. My hope is that this process will be integrated into the normal course of handover process for future governments as well.
Specifically, I have drafted five Handover Papers, three addressing individually each of the three ministries in my portfolio, one focused on a specific health related-specific responsibility, and another on more general governance observations. Each paper summarizes for my successor minister the work that was undertaken during my term and specifies outstanding matters, which need to be addressed. I have also outlined my views on reform and the needed realignment within ministries to achieve that objective.Accountability and transparency to the public are key underlying rationales for these Handover Papers. By publishing these, I offer to the public a vehicle to learn about the decisions taken, their rationale and the recommended directions for my successor. In my opinion this can be a positive signal for the public and even the international community watching as Pakistan transitions into a new government.It has been an extraordinary privilege to serve in this capacity. My ambition in drafting these Handover Papers was not to lose any forward momentum toward progress and to show the public how seriously I took the responsibility and honor of the interim office.
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Handover Papers: Towards Improving Governance
The gift of a wallpaper message from Dr. Sania Nishtar to all government functionaries can be downloaded here.

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