“There have few innovators in health policy who’ve had more impact than Sania Nishtar, the founder of Heartfile.” Judith Rodin, former president of the University of Pennsylvania, tells Nishtar’s story at the Launch of the Women in the world Foundation


“This book represents a watershed in framing developing country health reform as a step towards realizing the right to health.” -Mary Robinson; Former President of Ireland and President, Realising Rights: The Ethical Globalisation Initiative Endorsement on Sania Nisthar’s recent book, Choked Pipes


“Choked Pipes is a magisterial book intended not for the day but responds to the needs of an era, written not for a single country but relevant for the intractable health problems of the developing world. Beyond the sumptuous assembly of evidence, presented is the analytical strategy of a doer. The importance of Nishtar’s achievement is that reform flows from the inner moral values that aim to make a social order more equitable and just.” -Bernard Lown; Professor Emeritus Harvard University and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate (1985) Endorsement on Sania Nisthar’s recent book, Choked Pipes


“Beyond her erudition on the avenues for health reform in Pakistan and other developing countries, Nishtar demonstrates a commitment to her people and to society which reminds us of a modern Virchow. As the saying goes, it is better to light a candle than curse in the darkness.” Ariel Pablos-Mendez; Managing Director, The Rockefeller Foundation Endorsement on Sania Nisthar’s recent book, Choked Pipes


“Nishtar’s cogent and comprehensive analysis will guide reforms not only of Pakistan’s health system but provides invaluable insights and lessons for countries around the world. Such in-depth and high quality research is ushering in a new global science of health systems.” Timothy Evans; Assistant Director-General, World Health Organization Endorsement on Sania Nisthar’s recent book, Choked Pipes


“A great read on an awesome topic imbedded in reality, framed in scholarship, and full of practical relevance to real world health systems strengthening…the book demonstrates how sound analysis can pinpoint problems and offer solutions.” Lincoln Chen; Chairman, China Medical Board Endorsement on Sania Nisthar’s recent book, Choked Pipes


“There is urgent need for better knowledge on how to strengthen health systems, and given variation across countries in many critical elements, this knowledge is best built up from detailed analytical country studies. This book represents an important contribution to the global knowledge base on health systems, especially in its detailed analysis of the Pakistani health system and recognition of the fundamental importance of political processes in improving performance.” Anne Mills; Head, Department of Public Health and Policy, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Endorsement on Sania Nisthar’s recent book, Choked Pipes


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